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These presets are for use with the Sinedots II filter, created by Philipp Spoeth
I use the filter with Paint Shop Pro, but it can
also be used in other programs such as Photo Impact.

Create a folder for Sinedots in your plugins folder and install the
Sinedots filter into it. If you download my presets, unzip the
files into the folder that you created for your sinedots.

When you use the filter, click on the 'open' button (1.)
and use the navigation box to find and open the presets.
You will then need to click the dropdown box (2.)to get
a dropdown list of the presets.


Some of the presets have a transparent background and some have a
black background. If you want to change the background from black
to transparent or the other way around, you can do so by adjusting
the Blend Mode when using the filter, you will be able to see in the
preview box, the changes that the blend modes make. I usually use
Screen for transparent, or Normal for black.
You can also change the colour of the sinedots image, by clicking
on the colour box and choosing a new colour from the colour dialog


My presets are sorted into seperate alphabetical files, but
I am no longer showing previews of the settings in each file,
so you will have to take pot luck :)

You can use the first link to download all of the presets at
once, or the following links to download the seperate files.

All presets HERE
Presets a to b HERE
Presets c to d HERE
Presets e to h HERE
Presets i to l HERE
Presets m to p HERE
Presets q to t HERE
Presets u to z HERE

If you wish to contact me you can find an email address to use included on my Site Map