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SBP Presets

Please read my Terms Of Use HERE

You can either put the preset and bpm files into SBP's Environments
and Textures, or keep them in their own folder and navigate to them from
SBP. I have written an explanation on how to do this which you can find HERE

My SBP presets have now sorted into colour categories, sometimes the colour
can be a matter of opinion, there are times when I think something looks blue
one day, but the next day I think looks more like green LOL, so these categories
are only rough guides there is also a 'multi' page for the ones with several
colours in and I couldn't decide where else to put them

There is a page for new presets that I create, these will be
transferred to the appropriate colour category after a few weeks

blue copper/bronze gold green
orange pink purple red
silver white yellow multi

I have written a list of prefixes for SBP presets and
links to the sites that they come from, so if you have
some presets and want to know who made them, check out
the list HERE unfortunately a lot of the sites are no
longer available

If you wish to contact me you can find an email address
to use included on my Site Map